Sunny Hats Limited (Hong Kong) was founded in 1993 and jointed venture with YoungAn International Company Limited in July 2017.  Our founder Mr Sunny Shek is well known in the headwear industry and has 37 years of experience manufacturing hats.

Major production ranges include Men’s, Women's and Children's hats. Fabrications include wool felt, straw, braid, linen, fabric, faux fur felt and faux woolfelt.  Additionally factory has developed a new production technology to block seamless woven fabric.

Our company's vision is to create traditional styles as well as unique fashion ideas using state of the art equipment and quality materials, and provide an excellent standard of workmanship.

We have developed a secure packing technique that protects our products and prevents damages during transportation, around the block or around the world.

We are constantly upgrading our manufacturing equipment and production capabilities, and provide a safe and comfortable working environment, for our employees. Both our factories are available for factory audits at any time. We have been working with major retailers and wholesalers, and have maintained these relationships for many years. This has been accomplished with excellent customer service, product development and on time delivery.

Through our new joint venture, we have created a unique opportunity to serve all of our customers, both big and small. With flexible production arrangements and output capabilities we can now offer more competitive pricing and delivery. Our sales team can now offer many different services, from custom sample development to order follow up and inspections.

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