Sunny Hats Limited & YoungAn Hatfash Limited


1.  Control all Sales, Shipments and Payments

  • Management policies and practices aimed at ensuring that all sales are recorded, made at correct prices, and fulfilled to customer’s satisfaction.

  • Monitor all shipments and ensure the shipping processes are running smoothly and effectively.

  • Manage all accounts in a timely and accurate manner making sure invoices are paid on time.


2. Control all Materials Purchase

  • To provide the fashionable materials information to our customers.

  • Share the trend of hats information with customers and we can source the updated, new and fashionable materials for customers to develop their hats.


3. Sales Promotion

  • We have a strong sales team to selling our products, and will provide the products as per client’s requirements.

  • Attend the trade show.

  • To promote our products, services and also introduce our factories which are welcome to do factory audit.